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Welcome to SHIELDS, a site for responses to issues raised by critics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Church of Jesus Christ, LDS, Mormons).  This information is presented with the hope that you will not be deceived by those who would not tell you the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ.

We invite all to "come unto Christ."  We hope the information presented on our web site will demonstrate the many misrepresentations which have been told about the history and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ.  This Church is Christ's.  We invite you to listen to the true message of the Church.

The Latter-day Saints have been so repeatedly and generally misrepresented and maligned, that ordinarily little has been done by way of refutation.  Were the people to undertake to meet every lie uttered against them and set it right, they would devote the whole of their lives to it and then die without accomplishing the desired object.  But there are times when a refutation is necessary; when the whole people awake in earnestness to deny the misrepresentations of those who purposely and wilfully assail them.       ---  Junius F. Wells
The Contributor
, Vol. XIII, No. 1, (November 1891) P. 52 

Our mandate: Doctrine and Covenants 123.

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