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1. Absolutely NO material found on SHIELDS web pages may be copied to another location on the Internet.

2. Please follow the appropriate copyright notices.  General guidelines are as follows:  A person may maintain one electronic copy and one printed copy of the SHIELDS material found on these pages for use within the person's household only.  Do not copy or lend the material to others.

3. If you would like to add a link to SHIELDS from another web document, please use the URL of the Main Page only.  There is no guarantee that any URL besides the SHIELDS HOME Page will remain valid.  In addition, if you link to this page or have already done so, please send a note to Stan Barker giving the URL of that linking page.

4.  Information on the SHIELDS web site is provided free of charge.  If you find the information useful, please tell others about our site.  If you have information or materials that you think would be helpful, please submit them for our consideration.