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What is SHIELDS?

Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange for Latter-Day Saints (SHIELDS) is a place for those interested in accurate information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and where those with such information may make it available to others by contributing to our effort.  SHIELDS has no official affiliation with the LDS church.  Those individuals who constitute SHIELDS are members of the church and have an interest in defending and promoting it for the benefit of mankind.  They alone are responsible for the contents of this site.

The Problem

Individual members of the church may not be aware of all the resources that are now available for dealing with the anti-Mormon criticisms confronting us.

The Purpose

The SHIELDS Web page was created for the following reasons:

  • To help those searching find accurate information about the LDS church.
  • To pool the talents and knowledge of many people so everyone will benefit.
  • To do our part in helping to fulfill the charge given in Jude 1:3 and the 123rd Section of the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C).

V. Garth Norman wrote an excellent short essay examining some of the intentions of the Prophet Joseph Smith in writing the 123rd Section of the D&C.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

All are invited to participate and share information.  Proper credit will be given for any information used.  We reserve the right to edit or reject any submission.  All editing will be approved by the authors before we make the submission available at this site.

Materials will be organized by topic and will be made available as soon as we are satisfied with them.  We are using the same copyright format as used by The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS), i.e., "Fair Use," and request that any submissions carry a specific release statement to that effect.

Your suggestions are welcome.

We encourage LDS members to not argue with our critics and it is not the purpose of this web site to do so.  Instead, we will defend our faith pursuant to the 123rd Section of The Doctrine and Covenants and of having, as Peter suggested, a ready answer (see 1 Peter 3:15).  We hope you will find the answers here satisfying and will go to the Lord in prayer concerning the LDS church. (see James 1:5; Matt. 7:7; 21:22; Moroni 10:4-5).

Brief History of SHIELDS

The original SHIELDS was founded by Doug Marshall & Doug Yancey, church members in Georgia who have a history of strongly defending the faith.  They decided it would be more effective to organize and coordinate their efforts with others.  Their initial thrust focused on Utah Missions Incorporated (UMI) of Marlow, Oklahoma where they were very effective.  Doug Marshall joined conversations on the FidoNet MORMON echo, accessed on BBSs throughout the world.  Founders of this Web site became acquainted with the two Dougs who gave permission to use the SHIELDS name.  No formal organization ever existed nor does at this time.  The SHIELDS web site was originally placed on the Internet in February of 1997 in a subdomain site.  In May of 1997 SHIELDS obtained its current domain name.

Of Special Note:

We extend to Doug Marshall and Doug Yancey special recognition for their efforts and generosity in allowing us to use the SHIELDS name.  They can be reached at the following addresses:

Doug Yancy
519 Balfour Dr.
Decatur, GA 30032-1424


Doug Marshall

Doug Marshall is no longer associated with the LDS Church.