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The Palmyra Project is the brainchild of Danel Bachman, who told Stan Barker about it during a visit to Mr. Bachman's home in 2000.  Since the beginnings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints occurred in Palmyra, NY, he felt that this would be a good name for the project.  Mr. Bachman wondered if SHIELDS would be interested in such a project.  Our enthusiastic response was "yes!"

This project will undertake to put into electronic format selected public domain material of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We solicit your help in listing, typing, scanning, proofing, etc.  If you desire to participate in this project, please contact Stan Barker, stating your area(s) of interest and ability to help.  We also solicit your help in identifying LDS works that are already on the Internet in electronic format.  It is our intention to eventually provide all items below in Adobe .pdf and .html formats.  For further details on the work involved, click here.  The following are arranged in alphabetical sequence by author.  Click on the letter on the left to quickly access an author's last name.  Other types of indices, such as title and topic, will eventually be set up.

It would be best to not link directly beyond this page for a while.  The file structure of the Palmyra Project is subject to change.