LDS Hoaxes, Myths, and
"Faith Promoting Rumors"

We Mormons are often gullible when it comes to faith promoting rumors.  Occasionally we, at SHIELDS, are privy to information regarding some of these rumors, so this page will hopefully dispel some of them before members get carried away spreading them.  If you have information on a new faith promoting rumor, please share with us.  You can forward them to

We encourage folks to not spread "faith promoting rumors."  We recently received one about personal matters regarding Pres. Hinckley.  These kinds of things ought not to be spread around, whether they are true or not.  Our faith should not be built on rumors!  You already know where our faith should be.  Focus on the Lord and the building of His Kingdom and everything else will take care of itself.  In 2004 the First Presidency issued a letter to Church units and Leaders regarding spreading stories attributed to LDS Church leaders.  To view what the letter had to say, click on the First Presidency Letter here.

The following link was gleaned from the old web site: