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Our Critics Corner provides a place to examine things that critics have said or done and discuss anti-Mormonism in general.  The lists of anti-Mormons are not comprehensive and are under construction.   Click on links on left and below.

We have asked various ministries for information about their history and purpose.  Statements provided by them that appear on this site have not been edited by us, though we reserve the right to comment.  In other cases we have provided what we believe to be accurate information about them.

Links are not to critics' web sites.  The links are to information and comments, located on the SHIELDS web site, about the critics.

This area is devoted to general articles on anti-Mormonism:

Editor's Introduction: Questions to Legal Answers by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoBotBoM 4)
Editor's Introduction
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoBotBoM 6/1)
Editor's Introduction: Of Polemics
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoBotBoM 6/2)
Editor's Introduction: Of Implications
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoBotBoM 7/1)
Editor's Introduction: Triptych (Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch)
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoB 8/1)
Editor's Introduction: Doubting the Doubters
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoB 8/2)
Editor's Introduction: Traditions of the Fathers
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoB 9/1)
Editor's Introduction: Through a Glass, Darkly
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson, with John Gee (FARMS RoB 9/2)
In the Land of the Lotus-Eaters
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoB 10/1)
by Dr. Daniel C. Peterson (FARMS RoB 10/2)
Review of Keith Tolbert & Eric Pement 's 1996 Directory of Cult Research Organizations: A Worldwide Listing of 752 Agencies and Individuals by Dr. Louis C. Midgley (FARMS RoB 10/1)

Organizations Individuals w/o Web Sites Individuals with Web Sites

Alpha & Omega Ministries
(White, James)

Anti-Mormon Crusade, The
(Scott, Matt & Adam)

Berean Christian Ministries
(Farkas, John)

Catholic Answers

Challenge Ministries

Christian Research Institute
(Martin, "Dr." Walter [deceased] 
Hanegraaff, Hank)

(Slick, Matt)

Concerned Christians, Inc
(Robertson, Jim)

Concerned Christians &
Former Mormons

(Baer, Richard "Dick")

Ex-Mormons for Jesus

Institute for Religious Research

Jehovah's Witnesses

The John Ankerberg Show

Jude 3 Ministry
(Van Gorden,SM Kurt)

Living Truth Ministries

Mandate Ministries

Mormon Outreach Quarterly

Mormonism Research Ministry
(McKeever, Bill)

Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center
(Ralson, Colleen)

Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance (OCRT)

Preach the Word Ministry

Proclaiming the Message Ministry

Reachout Trust
(Harris, Doug)

Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
(Dr. Ron Rhodes)

Reasons to Believe
(Ross, Dr. Hugh)

Saints Alive In Jesus
(Decker, Edward "Ed" J.)

Southern Baptist Convention

Sword of the Shepherd
(Chuck & Dolly Sackett)

Trust the Truth Association
(Peter Elias)

Utah Christian Publications

Utah Lighthouse Ministry
(Tanner, Jerald and Sandra)

Utah Missions, Inc.
(Wright, Rev. Dennis)

Watchman Fellowship

With One Accord
(Bill Schnoebelen)

Bartley, Peter

Benson, Steve

Bowman, Robert M., Jr.

Brodie, Fawn McKay

Budvarson, Arthur

Crane, Charles & Steven

Geer, Granny

Harrison, G.T.

Higley, Dennis & Rauni

Holley, Vernal

Hurlbut, Dr Philastus

Jensen, J.D.

Key, Dr. Thomas

Kuehl, Gary

Laake, Deborah

Lamb, Rev. M.T.

Langfield, Weldon

Larson, Bob

Larson, Charles M.

Marchant, Byron

McElveen, Floyd

Meadows, Garland

Morey, Robert

Nelson, D.J.

Persuitte, David

Quinn, D. Michael

Richards, Raymond

Ropp, Harry L.

Schroeder, Theodore

Southerton, Simon

Susie Q.

Tope, Wally

Tryk, Loftes

Valentine, Jim

Van Eck, Stephen

Vlachos, Chris

Walters, Rev. Wesley

Wilson, Gary

Book of Mormon Studies
(Ted Chandler)

Ex-Mormon Archive  

Juris, James L.
(Al Case)

Marquardt, H. Michael 

New York Times

Reformation Ramblings

rpcman's web page

Saints in Shock

Spencer, James, R.

The Mormon Temple Endowment

van den Heuvel, Curt