The "Worst..."


Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web

Gary Novak, a friend of SHIELDS, has turned his "Worst of the Anti-Mormon Web" site over to us.  Gary enjoyed maintaining this site, but tired of receiving large amounts of e-mail from people who did not understand it.  Furthermore, his professional career and interests in other directions made it impossible for him to devote the necessary time to maintain the web site.  SHIELDS is providing Gary's site as a courtesy to his fans and for people to consider the important information that it contains.  We do not want this information to be lost, for example, information about the bogus degrees of some of our critics.  Many critics didn't like Gary's site because it exposes their nonsense.  Gary is a faithful member of the LDS Church, and this site is a testimonial to his devotion.

At this time SHIELDS has no plans to update the site with new sites and we are providing it complete as received from Gary.  The work is Mr. Novak's.  For his generous gift we express our appreciation.  We do apologize that some of the links from the "Worst..." to articles on the FARMS web site no longer work (FARMS has since modified their site, but we have now corrected most broken links, though some remain).