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Guest Book Guidelines
(Please see important SPECIAL NOTE at bottom of page regarding spyware!)




Please remember that this is a guest book.  A guest book is not a place:

1. for critics to diatribe their beliefs. 
2. for critics to attempt to carry on failed e-mail conversations with the SHIELDS owners. 
3. to advertise your anti-Mormon web site or any business.
4. ask questions challenging Mormonism or SHIELDS, and not provide a valid e-mail address where you can receive a response.  That's why there is e-mail.... use it. Posts without a valid e-mail address will not be made public and will probably be deleted.

If you wish for links to be made to your web site, please ask the owners of SHIELDS to do so from our Web Links page (we reserve the right to reject any request).  Please make your comments brief.

Due to the bad manners (spamming) of a so-called "Christian," we are moderating messages.

Lastly, our guest book is a service provided for free by  We receive no compensation in any form from them; nor do we have any control over their advertising.

If you agree to the above conditions, we invite you to sign the SHIELDS Guest Book; please click here

SPECIAL NOTE:  The owners of SHIELDS have discovered that the htmlGear Guest Book uses spyware.  Information gleaned from this spyware is not given to SHIELDS.  We do not know what they do with it.  Lycos htmlGear is not associated with SHIELDS.  However, to some extent, you can protect yourself. We highly recommend that you obtain at least three types of software to protect yourself while surfing the Internet:

1. A firewall program.  This protects you from intruders "hacking" into your system.  We recommend:  Zone Labs Zone Alarm (a freeware version is available).
2. Spyware protection software.  This protects you from downloading spyware unknowingly and also gets rid of existing spyware on your computer.  We recommend: SpyBlocker (shareware that blocks the download of spyware imbedded in graphics) and Ad-aware (freeware that finds, identifies and removes spyware, on your command).  We make no guarantees or warrantees as to the fitness or suitability of these products.  We believe them to be very good, but use at your own risk.
3. Virus protection.  There are several very good options on the market, such as:  McAfee, Norton, and others.