They Lie In Wait To Deceive - Volume IV

     John Edward Decker has proven himself to be exceptional in the field of
anti-Mormon endeavors.  Teaming up with other well known anti-Mormons
such as the late
"Dr." Walter Martin, Ed Decker distinguished himself by not
only publishing some of the most absurd anti-Mormon literature to ever
assault the public, but raised anti-Mormonism to a furor level by starring in
and producing a film (
The Godmakers) that inflamed the public (both foreign
and domestic).  
The National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), in
reviewing the film, declared it to be "
religious pornography."  Mr. Decker
excelled in the use of innuendo to put his misleading information into the
public arena.  Like the anti-Mormons in preceding volumes of
They Lie In
Wait To Deceive
, Mr. Decker did not hesitate to use the false credentials of
people in order to promote his disinformation about the
LDS Church.  

     The purpose of Volume IV is to expose the deceit of professional anti-
J. Edward (Ed) Decker (major producer of The Godmakers film),
Richard (Dick) Baer (major participant and sometimes referred to as co-
Jerald and Sandra Tanner, John L. Smith, and other self-
proclaimed authorities on
LDS Church.  As in the preceding volumes, the
authors have merely taken the liberty to check out the claims made by these

     When deception is uncovered, the logical question to ask is "why?"  The
answer to this question is answered in this and previous volumes of
They Lie
In Wait To Deceive
.  That you may not be deceived is our prayer and the end
to which this and the preceding volumes were written.

Full documentation is included for the most discerning reader.