They Lie In Wait To Deceive - Volume III

     One of the more well known professional anti-Mormons who had
used his radio broadcasts to spread misleading information was the
"Dr." Walter R. Martin.  His claims and credentials are examined
to determine if his professed credentials are valid as claimed or if he
is just another imposter.  
Walter Martin claimed a Doctorate degree,
current ordination as a minister, and various other claims.  As you
read the numerous documents which trace his adult life - - you will
see that
Walter Martin follows the typical format for professional anti-
Mormons - - they claim impressive credentials to gain the confidence
of the public and take that opportunity to
teach false and misleading
about the LDS Church.  Martin and other professional
anti-Mormons devote their entire lives to spreading false information.

Complete documentation is included for the most discerning reader.