They Lie In Wait To Deceive - Volume II

     From the time of publication of The Book of Mormon, anti-Mormons
have sought to discredit it.  One popular theory was that it was the
Spaulding Manuscript.  Volume II of They Lie In Wait To Deceive is an
answer to the book,
Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon?  The
Spaulding theory is completely discredited and the
deceit of its
advocates, namely
Walter Martin, Wayne Cowdrey, Donald Scales,
Howard Davis, is exposed.  

The critics case included an affidavit from a handwriting expert who
stated to these authors [
Robert and Rosemary Brown] in a video taped
interview that he did not write or sign it [the affidavit]---that it was a
fabrication.  An affidavit to that effect also appears in this book.  Other
items included to prove their case were scare stories about threats
supposedly made by the Mormon Church to the handwriting experts---
which threats were denied by the handwriting experts, claims of false
genealogies in which
Walter Martin falsely claimed to be a descendent
Brigham Young, and Wayne Cowdrey falsely claimed to be a
descendent of
Oliver Cowdery.  The genealogies of Walter Martin
Brigham Young were presented to show Martin that he was not a
descendent of
Brigham Young, and the genealogy of Oliver Cowdery
was presented to show that Cowdery had only one daughter that lived
to maturity and she died childless.  
False credentials such as being a
descendent of an early leader in the Church or
falsely claiming to have
been a "Mormon Bishop" [as
Jim Robertson of Concerned Christians
of Mesa
has done] or some other leader are often used by professional
anti-Mormons to lend authority to false claims.  

Volume II also includes excerpts from The Book of Mormon to acquaint
readers with its real content and a copy of the original Spaulding
Manuscript for comparison.

All documentation is included for the most discerning reader.