They Lie In Wait To Deceive - Volume I

     The late Dee Jay Nelson lectured at the invitation of numerous churches.
On a lecture tour through Arizona,
Robert L. and Rosemary Brown attended
and taped one of his lectures.  The Browns discovered that ninety-six
statements from
Nelson's 120 minute lecture were false or misleading.

     Dee Jay Nelson, among other things, claimed to have earned two Ph.D.
degrees, to be a world renowned Egyptologist, to be an author of over 150
scientific papers and articles, to be a mathematician, and to be one who
because of his reputation, was asked by the late
King Farouk to catalog his
artifacts.  He used these and other impressive credentials to intimidate his
audiences to believing his false statements concerning Joseph Smith and
The Book of Abraham.  However,
Dee Jay Nelson was found to be a high
school dropout who purchased his degree from a diploma mill which was
subsequently shut down by the Attorney General of Washington State, was
unknown to real Egyptologists who were unaware of his "scientific" and
"Egyptological contributions," etc., etc.

All documentation is included for the most discerning reader.